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Why cleanse your skin morning and night?

Why cleanse your skin morning and night?

Every day your skin is aging.

And here’s a simple secret: washing your face before bed cleanses the day away, those external factors associated with aging are removed from the skin so they can no longer damage your skin (which fights aging!)

Overnight, the skin needs oxygen to repair itself, which is best done clean – and don’t sleep with makeup on either, ladies… If you don’t wash your face before bed it’s a missed opportunity to do something great for your skin not only will you wake up with smoother, softer, clearer skin your night and eye creams will work better being on freshly cleansed skin.

We hear your groans: “So why then do I have to wash it again in the morning; I went to bed with it clean?”

Overnight, your skin recovers – right? So this means, dead skin cells are falling off and removing yucky toxins. Another benefit of washing your face in the morning is that it refreshes the skin, and prepares it for makeup application. Try it – your foundation will apply smoother and last throughout the day.

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Felicity Davidson